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Why Good Word Glad?

This is primarily a health and wellness blog and site, so what does “Good Word Glad” have to do with health and wellness?

For me? …everything.

When I first wanted to start a health and wellness ministry, I wanted the name to reflect where my purpose was coming from, my source and inspiration. I tried coming up with several “clever” names using verses that were related to health, the body, strength, fitness etc, but they either did not seem to quite fit or they were already being actively used. So I prayed. I read my bible and prayed for direction.

I was sent to Proverbs 12:25, “Anxiety ways down the heart, but a good word makes it glad.” And I was confused…not that I couldn’t relate. I have often suffered from anxiety. Letting things play out over and over in my head to the point where it became consuming stress and fear. Especially when it comes to my physical appearance and abilities. But I didn’t quite understand why I should use this verse for my ministry and company name.

So I did what anyone does when the need to understand something better…I googled “anxiety”. Did you know, that according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, more Americans then ever before are suffering from anxiety and that is now the most common mental illness. Approximately 40 millions adults suffer from anxiety. I read how it effects our brain, our hormones, and how it makes us communicate with others…how we live with others. Poorly. It was sad and sobering.

Then I researched “affirmations”, both from ourselves and others, and how it could help with anxiety, how it could help with our health. The information was encouraging. Simply put, it works. New brain-imaging studies that were published confirmed and helped explain why self-affirmation and affirmation from others are so effective in relieving anxiety and depression, and enhance our overall health. But it couldn’t simply be telling yourself “I’m a lovable person” or someone saying “you’re pretty”, it had to relate to our values, what we cherish, our foundation of who we are in this world.

I started to get it. I saw how this verse would be the foundation for my ministry and services.

-One word of true encouragement

-One expression of true gratitude

-One designation of true kindness

-One remark of true praise and admiration

It can make all the difference. It can change a person’s brain, change their heart. And that’s what I want to do, above everything else, is to change brains, change hearts. Change them for the better. For the good.

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