The Hardest Thing I Do…

The hardest thing I do every day is practicing what I preach.
You might think I have it all figured it out. That I never, ever struggle with my health and fitness.

I mean…

I’m a fitness instructor 

I’ve lost and kept off 30 pounds

I blog about health and fitness 

But nope, nope, nopidy, nope

I wake everyday and are confronted with the same choices that everyone has to make when it comes to what I’m going to eat and how I am going to move my body. 

Am I going to fill my body with a lot veggies today that are going to give me a lot of nutrient density? Am I going to eat some healthy fat and protein so that my body can process the vitamins and minerals from the veggies properly and fuel my muscles? Will I reach my water intake goal? Or will I fill my body with sugar, artificial ingredients and low nutritional value foods?
Will I work my muscles today in a way to gain strength and flexibility? Am I going to do anything to add to my cardiovascular health? Will my day be mostly active? Or will I be inactive and slovenly?
Will I give my body the rest it needs, or will I stay up late on social media and watching tv? 
The same choices that you have to make everyday are the same choices I have to make.

I can choose…

Fighting disease or feeding disease

Gaining strengths or losing muscle

Energy or tiredness 

Stress reduction or fueling anxiety 

Reducing pain or increasing injury

Better sleep or restless nights

Some days I make the best choices, and others…well, just like I can make the best choices, there are days where I make the worst…even all the worst.
My goal will always be, though, to have my good choices outnumber my bad, to be mindful and thoughtful in what I choose, knowing that life can not be lived on kale alone…you need some cake to go along with it.
God, please help me today to make wise choices, so that I can best take care of the body you gave me in order to best do the work you have put in front of me. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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