Good Word

Go it Alone, Cause You’re Never Alone

Go it alone, cause you’re never alone…Maybe your spouse has a job where they’re working on Sundays (Can anyone say deployments) Maybe your spouse doesn’t do church. Maybe you do not have a spouse. Going to church alone can be very intimidating and overwhelming, especially if you fall into the last two scenarios. I mean, who wants to answer the spouse location question with “they’re not here, cause the don’t want to be here” One can just feel the judgement happening. BUT, no matter the judgment, not matter the awkwardness, I encourage you to just go! 

I do church alone A LOT, and no matter what I always feel better that I was there, listening to God’s word, setting my intentions for the week ahead, and drawing myself closer to God…cause He’s there. He’s always there. We’ve never been forsaken and alone. He’s with us through it all, no matter the circumstances. See you in church…spouse not required!

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