Good Health

Birthday Workout

Yesterday was my birthday, and I got in a really good workout in between my relaxing and celebrating.

*I did NOT workout to make up for eating cupcakes

*I did NOT workout to counter the calories in my cocktails

*I did NOT workout so that I didn’t feel guilty about all the delicious meals that I got to eat, and didn’t have to cook

I got my workout in yesterday, because I know that being consistent means that my body will be stronger, more flexible and have better immunity. If my body is stronger, has less pain and resists becoming sick more often it makes me a better wife, mother, daughter, friend, neighbor, Christ follower, and THAT is why I got my workout in yesterday.

We have to start prioritizing are fitness based on the need for self care, instead of way to counteract guilt. Our food has to become something to enjoy and nourish our bodies, instead of something to feel guilty about, and retaliate against.

Imagine how changing your perspective on working out and eating could eliminate guilt and make your body healthier.

Imagine looking at your workout as a means to better living, instead of a requirement for eating food.

How much more would you want to workout…make it a priority with that prospective?

Change your perspective, change your life!

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