Good Word

When Perfection Becomes An Excuse

I’ve always wanted a “space” for my quite time. Some place for just me and my bible and/or devotional to have a moment.

I had this picture in my head of a great, big comfy chair near a window with a blanket and a side table to keep my stuff on and my cup up of tea. I held on to that dream to the point where I used it as an excuse to skip my quite time with God. I would say, “when I have my perfect spot, with my chair and table, etc, I will be able to commit to doing a daily quite time, not just when the mood strikes me, or I feel like it.”

What a crock of 💩

I realized I needed to have a heart to heart with myself, and come to terms with the fact that not having the perfect spot was not the problem, I was the problem.

So I remade my thoughts, and made my daily God time a priority.

My spot does not have chair or a side table. It’s just a small space between my bed and a window that I throw some pillows and a blanket down on, wedge myself in, and start reading.

My spot is perfect not because of its location or what it includes, but that it connects me with God, it reminds me of who He is, and it gives me His will for my life.

THAT makes it perfect.

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