Good Health

Drink Your Water…And Like It!

Maybe it’s soda. Maybe it’s sweet tea. Maybe it’s juices or other assorted electrolyte drinks.

Some of us have a drinking problem, and it has nothing to do with alcohol.

Mine is soda…specifically the dreaded diet soda, full of chemicals and artificial sweeteners.

I’ve done cold turkey, restrictions, a few rounds of Whole 30 to try to eliminate my soda addiction, and increase my water intake, but it never sticks long term.

Here’s the problems…I really like carbonated soda. I love the bubbles and the way it tastes. But I don’t want to feel addicted to it, that I have to have it or my day is ruined.

Because at the end of the day it isn’t good for me, and water is REALLY good for me.

So whatta do?

When eliminating and restricting doesn’t work.

Add, don’t subtract.

Increase the good.

I have simply started to drink more water. I set a goal for day, a “I’m going to feel great with the amount of water I’m drinking” kinda of goal.”

I can have soda, tea, wine, juice…I eliminate nothing. BUT, I make sure to hit my water goal.

There are days where I do not have a single soda, just because I was focused on water intake. I don’t feel deprived, and I don’t feel restricted.

This is what sustainable health looks like for me. What does sustainable health look like for you?

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