The 3-Steps to Fitness Consistency

If consistency is the key to fitness success, then we need an actionable plan to be consistent. This is where most people get stuck.

Where do I start? What do I need to do? How should I implement? These are all questions that tend to create obstacles instead of drive us forward.

No worries, I have got you covered. I took the concepts that made my client so successful in being consistent in her fitness and turned them into 3 steps. Follow the steps below, and you’ll have that elusive, actionable plan to being consistent!

Step 1: Create a 10-minute total body strength training workout

-Search pinterest, youtube and online fitness magazines (Shape, Strong and Oxygen all have websites) for different types of strength training exercises. Key words like “squats”, “lunges”, “pushups”, “total body” are good for searches, along with specific muscle groups like arms and glutes, etc 

-Look for exercises that work more than one muscle group at a time, such as a reverse lunge with a bicep curl, etc

-Make a list of all the different exercises you find, adding descriptions when needed or create a board on pinterest

-Every exercise equals 1 minute, if you need to do the exercise twice to get both your left and right side, you do each side for 30 seconds or do a minute per side.

-Everyday choose 10 total exercises from your list; remember to count the exercises that require both left and right sides twice if you don’t do 30 seconds each side. This will give you your 10-minute strength training routine.

-Plan ahead: at the beginning of your week, plan your exercises for each day. Either picking 10 to do every day that week or mixing up on different days.

Step 2 – Schedule Workout 3x daily

-Schedule your workout for the day, BUT find three different times during your day.

-The goal is to complete ONE of your schedules times.

-For instance, you’ve scheduled your workouts for the day at 6am, 1pm and 7pm…6am hits and your 1-year-old is already up and in no shape to “play nicely by themselves”, and you realize you forgot to make lunches the night before for your school kids, so there is no way your 6am workout is going to happen. Fast forward to 1pm, big kids are in school, 1 year old is napping, and while you have a million things to do, you’ve got 10 minutes to get your workout in before you tackle those million things, so you put in your earbuds and get your 10-minute strength training in for the day. And your done. Your goal is met.

-Giving yourself more chances to be successful will make you more successful. It’s simply the law of averages!

Step 3 – Find Success in the 10 minutes

-Change your mind, change everything. Simply speaking, we need to rewire our brain to understand what success is when it comes to our health and fitness. When we complete our 10-minute workout on a daily basis, and see consistency happening, we need to count that as a W-I-N. Consistency=Success.

-10 minutes is THE GOAL AND ONLY GOAL.

-Think of everything beyond the 10-minutes as a bonus. Say you got your 10 minutes in, but you have some extra time, and decide to do a round 2 of your 10 minute workout, or you were able to go on a bike ride with your family or try a new class at the gym or you were able to workout for 10 minutes at all 3 of your scheduled times…that is all bonus. They do not meet your goal, they exceed it. Success will be found in reaching your goal…your 10-minute workout is your goal, period.

2 thoughts on “The 3-Steps to Fitness Consistency”

  1. Erin, your concept and plan is brilliant in its simplicity! To meet individual fitness needs, design a meaningful plan and define success to ensure consistency of quality progress: yes a W-I-N! Thank you for sharing these ideas.😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome!! How you describe it, is exactly how I meant it to be. It took a long time, and God’s guiding hand and the wisdom of others, but this is the concept I’ve been striving to create.


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