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My Top 3 Equipment for Your 10-minute Strength Training Workout

These are by far my very favorite pieces of equipment for a 10-minute workout. Actually these are my favorite for ANY type of strength training workout. They are my top recommendations for when someone asks what equipment they should purchase. They are inexpensive, can be found anywhere from Target to Amazon, and take up very little space when not being used.

1.) Bands 

This is my #1, go to equipment. Less than $10 and takes up a minuscule amount of room to store. Not only are these bands excellent for adding resistance on their own, but they also can be used in tandem with weights for added resistance and taking your exercise up a level. For example, if you’re completing 1 minute of alternating lunges with an overhead press. You will have weights in your hands for the overheard press that also provides extra weight for the legs, but if you place a resistance band over your legs as well as you are doing the lunges, it creates an even greater strength training to the exercise. One pack comes with 5 different strength levels, and you can layer them if you outgrow the hardest resistance band, making them hard to outgrow completely. You can purchase a set by clicking on the picture below.

2.) 2-3 sets of hand weights 

Think about picking weights as a place to start and a place to go, and you’ll also be using them for different muscle groups that have different strengthening needs, so you’ll need several sets. My favorites to start with are either a 3lb, 5lb, 8lb set or a 5lb, 8lb, 10lb set for women or 10lb, 12lb, 15lb or 12lb, 15lb, 18lb set for men. When your completing one of your 1-minute exercises, the weight your choose should make it difficult for you to finish the minute, but not so difficult that you cannot complete the minute or you have to compromise your form to finish. Click on the pictures below for a couple of options on different sets.

3.) A thick yoga mat

As I’ve gotten older I appreciate more and more things that make my body more comfortable and protect my joints. Hence, the thick yoga mat. If we’re going to be doing things that challenge us like push-ups (especially on our knees, but also thinking of your wrists), or planks on our elbows, or kickbacks and leg lifts on our hands and knees, then why don’t we do them on a nice, cushy service. While we are burning and pushing our muscles, we don’t need the added joint pain of doing these exercises on hard, unyielding floors with a thin, unsupportive mat. When it comes to mats…go thick! Click on the picture below for a mat that is a great choice and less then $20!

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