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My 5 Favorite Products for Quality Rest

I have discovered that like with most things in life, and with the stress and anxiety we sometimes carry, quality rest doesn’t just happen. You have to be intentional and work for it, again just like most things. So I made a list of my 5 favorite items for creating quality rest. Each of them were picked with great thought, and were gained from adhering to my 3 best practices for quality rest (if you haven’t read that post yet, check it out here).

Here are my top 5 products for quality rest…

  1. Soft comfy pjs

I have always been a t-shirt girl when it comes to bed attire, but after spending time coming up with a better sleep plan, I purchased a pair of very soft and light feeling pjs and I have been a convert ever since. I will take my new pjs over a t-shirt any day (or night actually) of the week! Here are the pjs I purchased.

  1. sleep mask

I would love to just make my room totally dark with every light source carefully covered, but that’s just not my reality, so I brought the dark to me. Investing in a quality sleep mask is important. I had tried cheap, poorly made ones in the past that were not very comfortable. They hindered sleep more than helped it for sure. Look for ones that do not use a lot of elastic and are contoured for your head and eyes. And there’s a bonus, with a sleep mask you can bring the dark with you wherever you travel. This is the sleep mask I use. Click on the picture to order yours.

2. Magnesium Oil

Most people are magnesium deficient, because the current soil that most fruits and vegetables are grown, and the food of most of the animals we eat consume, has been leached of its magnesium. Our food that once supplied us with plenty of magnesium, no longer does so. Magnesium is needed for quality rest because it calms the nervous system preparing our bodies for rest. There are lots of Magnesium supplements that you can take orally, but the best way for magnesium to get into your system is through your skin, and that’s why I recommend a magnesium oil to either spray/rub on your skin or to make a magnesium oil body lotion if you find the strait magnesium oil to be irritating to your skin, or you would like to get a two-fer effect of magnesium and a moisturizing lotion. I love this recipe from Don’t Waste the Crumbs for a Whipped Magnesium body lotion and you can order magnesium oil spray by clicking on the picture below.

DIY Whipped Magnesium Lotion

3. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is one of the best known essential oils to create calm and promote rest. There are many different brands with various ranging prices. I like to use Plant Therapy. They are a great company that stands behind their products, seem to have a lot of transparency when it comes to sourcing, processing and ingredients. And finally, they’re economical. If you’re going to use an essential oil on a daily basis, you want it to not only be of excellent quality, but also to not break the bank either. You can purchase a bottle of lavender essential oil by clicking on the pic.

5. Really good sheets

Just like your pjs, how your sheets feel and make you feel comfortable, is important too to quality rest. Definitely look for sheets that are soft, non-sweat inducing and our hypoallergenic. But you should also think about whether the sheets are stain-resistant or fade-resistant or wrinkle-resistant. Just like the expression says, “we eat with our eyes first”, the same can be said for sleep too. When our bed looks wrinkled or stained or old and faded, or any combination of the three, it can make our beds undesirable to us, thus creating poor rest quality. If you look at your bed, and think, “ugh…these sheets are wrinkled and stained, making me feel itchy all over and look like they’re a hundred years old”, would that make you want to jump in it and get some good sleep?…probably not.

Some sheets to consider…(click on pic)

Bonus: A Quality Comforter

When I started this list, I wanted to give you my top 5 rest products, but I also didn’t want those five things to be unattainable financially, so while there are a few more products, like a quality mattress, I would also recommend, I didn’t not want to put anything on the list that cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. I wanted my list to attainable for most people, so I capped my list at products that were not over $50 (ps-most, if not all are under $30). But if you were to ask me if there was something else you could get to help with sleep, I would say a comforter. For a lot of us, we want to feel warm and secure in our beds, and a comforter provides that, even in those hot months (I live in the south, I know what I’m talking about). However, that warm secure feeling that we start off in our comforter as we drift off to sleep can later in the night turn our bodies into sweaty, uncomfortable states. And not very conducive to staying asleep to say the least, plus nobody wants to wake up in the middle of the night feeling like they desperately need to shower.

So finding a comforter that makes you feel warm and secure, but doesn;t cause a sweat fest is ideal. There’s several choices in brands, but sticking with an alternative comforter made of bamboo is your best bet. Bamboo does not retain heat and kick it back into your body like traditional comforters do. It allows heat to be transferred instead of stored, keeping you warm, but not baking.

If you’re in the market, check this comforter out…click on pic!

And there it is…my 5 favorite products (plus a bonus) for creating better rest. Now go forth, and sleep well.

Church is out,


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