Erin Richardson…Jesus follower, navy wife, mother of 2, certified fitness instructor and lover of good health, good fitness and good faith.

Seven years ago I was still recovering from my second consecutive miscarriage, and was the heaviest and unhealthiest I had ever been in my life. I felt sad and broken, and had no connection with my own body, my own soul. So had one of those light-bulb moments, and knew that I needed to change. I started with the most tangible part, changing my eating habits and losing weight. Thirty pounds lost and 9 months later, I had begun to understand my issues with food, particularly with portion control and eating out of boredom versus hunger. I kept off most of the weight over the next couple of years, and increased my fitness aptitude by partaking in new classes, like Zumba and Turbo Fire. I realized, though, they I was missing something…something soul deep, and slowly but surely found my way to Christ. He was my missing ingredient. I found my true identity in Jesus, and with Him, I knew anything was possible. Since then I have completed my certification in Zumba, Barre, and my Aerobics and Fitness Association of America Group Exercise Certification. I became a fitness instructor with the YMCA, and started a fitness ministry at my church. Combining Jesus and the Word with health and fitness has become part of my journey. The same freedom that Christ has given to us is the same freedom I want everyone to feel about their health and fitness. Where our bodies and food are no longer our enemies, but are tools for our purpose in life, and experiencing all the amazing things (eating, playing, serving, praying, helping, dancing, giving, working, all the -ings) that this life a has to offer. I hope you join me on this journey!