Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workout #39

I never understood the power of a strong transverse abdominis (or cared). They’re not sexy, like the getting that six pack of the outer abdominals, or the whittle the middle power of the obliques, and honestly couldn’t of given a crap about them until I started do barre. I mean, why work something that doesn’t give you that overtly aesthetically pleasing look society loves to push.
But barre challenge this idea by forcing me to work my inner abs. Here’s the thing about my barre workouts, they force you and it’s almost impossible to NOT engage and work your transverse abdominis.The moves, the motions, the standing requires it, even when we aren’t thinking about those inner abs.
Do I have six pack abs? No
Do I have the littles middle? No
I have never moved better, had better posture and prevented more injuries then I have now. All do to the increased endurance and strength of my transverse abdominis. AND THAT’S WHY YOU NEED TO WORK THEM!
Here’s to standing abs and working that transverse abdominis! This workout has gotcha covered!!

Weekly Workout #38

Sick husband on Monday + sick kid by Wednesday = sick mommy on Thursday and all the plans to film new routines last week went out the window 🤧😷🤒
‘‘Tis the season, right?
BUT, I still got you covered!

Weekly Workout #37

We are less active during this time of year…it just happens.
Weather, commitments, celebrations, and shorter days all contribute to this reduced activity, so we have to find ways to keep moving even if we’re stuck indoors or have full schedules.
This week we have a little cardio barre to get you all warm and toasty inside, and relieve some of that inactivity.
Get this routine in 3x this week and you will have significantly increased your activity level, and probably decrease your stress level😘

Weekly Workout #36

In barre we “plié in second”, but it’s commonly known in other fitness training as the sumo squat, and it’s definitely worth adding to your exercise routine. One could even argue that the sumo squat has more advantages then the standard squat.
Let’s discuss…
-sumo squats utilize the inner thigh muscles and hamstrings more then standard squats, while still requiring work from the glutes. Since the hamstrings and inner thigh muscles are often underworked, which create an unstable core, the sumo squat is a better option for creating an efficient and strong core.
-sumo squats create more flexibility in the hip flexors and inner thighs, both of which become extremely tight, due to excessive sitting, while the standard squat stretches the glutes and hamstrings, which can be already overly stretched, again due to excessive sitting. This imbalance of under and overly stretched muscle groups becomes a breeding ground for injury, making the sumo squat the superior corrective exercise.
-sumos can count as cardio. Now it does depend on effort level, duration and added weight, but sumo squats increase your heart rate greater (burning more calories) then standard squats of the same effort level, duration and added weight.
So I hope I’ve given you some really good points as to why you need sumo squats or “pliés in second” in your life, and I’ve even supplied you with a great weekly workout to get you started!

Weekly Workout #35

Another new routine???
And thoughts on planes of motion…
There are three different planes of motion: sagittal, frontal, and transverse. Working in one plane means your exercise is only one dimensional, and as such, you are not working your body effectively, and you can actually working towards injury.
Now I’m not saying you need to give up your favorite exercise cause you’re realizing it mainly works on one plane, but now that your realize this, take action and…
1.) add workouts that work on different planes
2.) try exercises that include all three planes
3.) ask the instructor for your favorite workout if they can include more planes
And if you are needing a workout that includes all three planes, I got you covered with this weeks workout 😁

Weekly Workout #34

Since this weeks workout includes a new routine that I just uploaded to my YouTube channel since the move, I decided to throw a party…

You’re invited!

Check out the new routine and this weeks workout!

Weekly Workout #33

“I have no upper body strength”
I hear this all. the. time.
Sometimes even from my own mouth 😁
The societal push for flat abs and a bodacious butt leaves us super focused on the lower body. But this leaves our bodies with a weak upper body and imbalances that does our bodies more harm then good.
Consider when your lifting something…even if you’re “lifting with your legs”, if your upper body is weak and unable to support what you are lifting, the lower back will almost always have to overcompensate. And what happens when a muscle has to constantly compensate for another muscle?
Fatigue and injury👎🏼
So let’s strengthen those arms and shoulders this week with an upper body focused weekly workout 💪🏼

Weekly Workout #32

Let’s talk about the inner thighs, or muscle that is, also called the adductors, and why we need to work that’s muscles. They don’t get the attention as the bigger lower body muscles, like the hamstrings, quads and glutes, but they should. And lets skip over all the stuff about needing a thigh gap, eliminating cellulite and spot reducing, which isn’t a thing by the way, and get down to the real reasons to strengthen the inner thigh.

The adductor is actually made up of 5 different muscles, the pectineus, gracilis, adductor longus, adductor brevis, and adductor magnus. They stabilize the knee’s outward rotation, keeping the the legs pulled toward the body’s midline, obviously that’s important for movement, especially dynamic or demanding movement, without injury. All five of the inner thigh muscles are attached to the pelvis creating an important role in hip movement and ultimately the stabilization of the core. The more you stabilize your core, the better you move. It’s that simple.

So if you want to reduce your risk of injury to your knees, hips and lower back…you’ll show some to love that inner thigh muscle!

I’ll even help with the love with this weekly workout that’ll strengthen those adductors♥️

Weekly Workout #31

Lower back pain 😣
A whopping 80% will deal with lower back pain in their lives, and for the majority of that 80%, it can be chronic.
Most back pain comes from the over use of certain muscles and the under use of others. Our glutes and hamstrings tend to be under developed, leaving the majority of the work to our back muscles…and they can only do so much before ⚡️💥☄️, they’ve been overworked and it creates an injury.
So let’s create stronger glutes and hamstrings to help eliminate lower back pain.
Aim to complete this workout 2-3x this week to target those glutes and hammies!

Weekly Workout #30

Let’s modify!
You know these routines now lets switch it up and make them a little more challenging by adding light weights or a Pilates ball.
Brother – place your Pilates ball behind the working knee, using tension (muscle contraction) to keep the ball in place for the entire song.
Unfinished – use 1 light weight (1-3 pounds) to the extended hand. Keep the arm strong while extending the arm in & out while using the weight. Be careful to not to swing too much or over extend, protecting the rotator cuff.
Whatever It Takes – place a Pilates ball in between the thighs just above the knees. Contract your thigh muscles to hold the ball in place for the duration of the song.
Ice Ice Baby – hold two light weights at your shoulders as you are the circular plié squats, during the standing crunches, place one hand with a weight at the barre and extend the other weighted hand out using the weight while you crunch in and out.
Aim to do this workout 2-3x this week, and let me know how the modifications have challenged you!

Weekly Workout #29

You can get more total body then this work out! It gets everything!! Legs, Arms, Glutes, Hips, Back and Abs. It’s got it all.

Weekly Workout #28

Wow, this one you definitely feel it the next day 😁
Not that you can’t with all my workouts, but the combo here is working a lot of a smaller muscles that we tend to neglect.
However, these muscle groups helps us tremendously with our day to day functions so we need to strengthen them, especially if you sit for most of your day.
Aim for 2-3x this week, and you’ll be feeling it!

Weekly Workout #27

The hits list!
My most popular routines in one workout. Get it done, have fun!

Weekly Workout #26

I’ve had a lot of conversations about the importance of building the transverse abdominis, and that’s exactly what this workout does!
The transverse abdominis literally helps us with almost every move we make with our bodies.
From raising our hand to getting up off the floor, it’s the lifeline that supports us.
There’s no better reason to take care of it and make it strong!

Weekly Workout #25

Another early workout gets a playlist!
I love that this one has Unfinished in the middle, because it acts like a bell curve for the workout, bringing your heart rate up as it has a greater cardio component.

Weekly Workout #24

Almost 8 months ago this was the first weekly Workout I posted. I didn’t create a YouTube playlist for any of earlier workouts, cause well, my YouTube game was just not there yet.
So I’m throw’n it back and making YouTube playlists for all my earlier workouts, starting with this very first one♥️

Weekly Workout #23

Keep It Simple Silly

You don’t need a complicated workout routine to get all the benefits of exercise.

Sometimes it’s just takes 4 routines (3 you do 2x to get both sides), and it hits all the body and all your needs.

It’s still one of my favorite things about barre is it requires so much core work without doing a completely separate core workout.

Just sprinkle in some upper body, this time in the form of bicep work, and your good to go…from your arms to your toes.

Weekly Workout #22

Another hit the mat, hit the barre routine…but this time instead of push ups, we’re doing a bunch of barre-inspired ab work!
Also, there’s a new arms routine on the list that I LOVE!
No worries if you don’t have a band, you can use light weights (3lbs and under) just as well.
Aim for 2-3x this week, and let me know how your abs feel by the end😉

Weekly Workout #21

Barre with a twist.
That’s what I would called this workout if actually named my workouts instead of just numbing them😬
Each of these routines takes barre and fuses it with something very non-barre.

Weekly Workout #20

A little different this week…
Hit the mat, hit the barre, hit the mat, hit the barre…
And includes a new, just posted, routine!
Strengthening this week will lead to a stronger next week. It’s as simple as that…

Weekly Workout #19

Yes, I have a thing for using @officialtobymac songs for both barre and my dance cardio routines…hence two TobyMac songs on one playlist.
You’re heart rate will be up, muscles will be burning from head to toe, and you get to do it to great music, not sure what’s better then that to get your fitness in this week.

Weekly Workout #18

The work is in the slow.
That’s what I’m calling this playlist. Each routine/song has slower parts, requiring fuller range of motion and more muscle control. That means doing this workout 2-3x this week will increase your muscle strength and give you greater flexibility. Nothing wrong with that!

Weekly Workout #17

The work is in the slow.
That’s what I’m calling this playlist. Each routine/song has slower parts, requiring fuller range of motion and more muscle control. That means doing this workout 2-3x this week will increase your muscle strength and give you greater flexibility. Nothing wrong with that!

Weekly Workout #16

Weekly Workout!
If you work, it works. It’s as simple as that…

Weekly Workout #15

Weekly Workout
25 minutes
Total body
Get. It. Done.

Weekly Workout #14

How you fill your week is up to you…and what you fill it with determines what you get out of it!
Here is 25 minutes of getting stronger for your week💪

Weekly Workout #13

Weekly Workout😁

Weekly Workout #12

This weeks workout com’n atchya!!!
You’ll make good friends with a wall this week, or become mortal enemies.
You’ll see what I mean…

Weekly Workout #11

New week, new workout!
Get it done in 25!

Weekly Workout #10

I hope y’all found a way to honor our fallen military yesterday🇺🇸I always appreciate the reminder to be thankful for all that I have, and for those who gave all.
Now here is a way to honor our bodies, and minds if you’re like me and use exercise for #stressrelief and mental clarity 🧠

Weekly Workout #9

Weekly Workout!
Glutes & inner thighs are going 🔥🔥🔥🔥
But, you know, in that awesome way that you know muscle is being built and creating endurance👊
Now get to work!

Weekly Workout #8

Weekly Workout!
It’s all about control this week…which makes me want to sing Janet Jackson’s song Control!
I’m bust’n out around my house…randomly 😬
We’re moving our legs all over the place, so we have to really control our stability with these routines. Which means we have to stabilize our core.
Stabilized core = strong core 👍

Weekly Workout #7

Doing things a little different this week😁
Instead of doing Closer back to back, once on each side, I’ve broken it up and stuck another routine in between.
You’ll feel the effectiveness of doing so😘
There are lots of ways to put my routines together, and this weekly workout should give you some new ideas!
The combinations are endless!!

Weekly Workout #6

Got 25, then you got time to get your workout out in this week!
Aim for 2-3x this week, and make sure to stretch at the end.
While you’ll definitely feel the 🔥 in your legs, this weeks workout is a secret oblique killer. Don’t be surprised if those obliques are not only sore by the end of the week, but are stronger too👍

Weekly Workout #5

New weekly Workout on the YouTube channel!
Just 25 minutes, total body, and includes time for stretching those muscle out, so you’re ready for your next workout.

Weekly Workout #4

Your Weekly Workout has arrived!

Weekly Workout #3

#benefitsoverbyproducts and #progressnotperfection are going to get you stronger,
and also doing the 25 minute workout 😁
Shoot for 2-3x this week
It’s already packaged up perfectly in a playlist on my YouTube channel.
Just hit the link in the comments, and you’re ready to go!

Weekly Workout #2

Weekly workout!
And it’s all package together on my YouTube channel in a perfect little playlist👍
Link in profile💪

Weekly Workout #1

All about dem knees this week!
So what’s so fabulous about pulling your knee up to you chest?
I’ll tell ya…it makes you use your transverse abdominals each time you lift a foot off the floor and pull your knee in.
Actually, even before then, because before you even lift your foot, your body reacts to the impending imbalance of standing on one foot, and engages the TA to compensate. Our brains and bodies are an amazing partnership!
Aim for 3x this week, and you’ll really feel the difference 🙌